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Speed and productivity of a supply chain has become an important factor of growth for organizations.


Cross-docking is just one strategy that can be implemented to help achieve a competitive advantage. 

Implemented appropriately and in the right conditions, cross-docking can provide significant improvements in efficiency, handling times and PROFITS! 

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The Benefits of Cross-Docking

Your ultimate goal is to keep products moving, reducing the number of touches or “fingerprints” throughout the process and avoiding long-term storage.

Key Benefits Include:

Enhanced ability to fulfill orders quickly and provide stellar customer service.

Reduce the chance of product damage because minimal handling is needed.

Reduce time associated with put-away, picking, packing, and shipping, resulting in lower labor costs.

Reduce the need to tie up long-term storage locations, making valuable facility storage space available for other items.

Reduce the risk of products being misplaced in a random storage location...making it appear in inventory but unavailable to fulfill an order.

Reduce the time to reach the recipient.

Reduce transportation costs by utilizing full truckloads (FTL), which is ultimately "Environmentally Friendly".

Cross-Dock with G.O.S.S.

“Streamline your supply chain between point of origin and point of sales!”

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