Warehousing, Fulfillment & Distribution

Flexible Custom Tailored 3PL Solutions to FIT your Needs!

The Advantages Of Outsourcing Your Warehousing, Fulfillment & Distribution Needs With G.O.S.S.:

Adaptable Warehouse

Multiple Storage Solutions for: Bulk, Pallet, Case & Each

Flexible in Order Process Management (Receive orders via Phone, Fax, Email, EDI, Remote Client Computer System or VPN)

Customizable Fulfillment Services: Pick, Pack and Ship Service (from 1 Box to 1 Truckload)

Dedicated  & Personalized Customer Service 

Dedicated Warehouse Crew Members that guarantee the care and quality performance necessary to do the job correctly

Secure Modern & Clean - conveniently located in close proximity to the G.T.A.

Pick-up Counter in Canada’s largest Metro City and surrounding area

Daily shipping across Canada and the U.S.A. Freight Consolidations

Experienced Team Members (over 10+ Years)

Ability to Expedite High Volume Parts to the Shipping Floor within 1 Hour of The Truck Arriving @ our Dock

Multiple Crew Shifts to Manage Customer Timelines

Knowledge of Customer's "Pain Points"

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Container De-Stuffing - Unloading

Receiving (Packages -  LT & FTL)

Cross Docking

Secure Storage (UL Certified Alarm & Sprinkler Systems)

Product Inspection

Product Sorting

Packaging from Bulk

Re-Boxing / Repackaging 



Product Palletization

Staged / Stored for Pick 'n Pack

Order Fulfillment

Transportation (Delivery)

G.O.S.S. Industries International Inc...Your dedicated warehousing, fulfillment & distribution specialist!

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